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Project Introvert

What Is Project Introvert

What Is Project Introvert?


I work in advertising – a highly creative, fast-paced & extroverted industry… I’m also an introvert (the struggle is real). For the past two years, I’ve had a hard time speaking up, getting noticed and making a difference in my career. I was convinced that I had picked the wrong career & that I wasn’t creative enough to be in advertising. Instead of quitting (because nobody likes a quitter), I set out to learn a thing or two from successful introverts. After everything I heard through interviews and surveys, I created nine tools that have helped me and will help others. I even presented a workshop at SXSW this year to do just that. The purpose of Project Introvert is to:

Share insights and advice including excerpts from introverts and extroverts.

Teach nine tools that can be applied to your own career and personal life.

Create a community for introverts to share their stories learn from each other.

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a perfectly calculated creative force

SXSW Intro

2016 SXSW Workshop


Sandra presented a two-hour workshop filled with insights, tools, and group activities to help apply everything learned in real life scenarios. If you’re interested in learning more about the workshop, please contact:

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INTROVERTS UNITE! Submit your story about your success as an introvert, any tips want to share, or questions you may have. Let’s create a community where we can learn from each other. Select stories will be published to Project Introvert. I’d love to hear from you!

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Sandra, a creative introvert, has a passion for connecting consumers and brands through social media. She’s a first generation American and studied multicultural marketing at DePaul University. Sandra has 5+ years of experience in social media, and her most recent accomplishment was hosting a workshop at SXSW empowering other introverts to unleash their own creative force. Outside of work, she’s usually posting her own Instagrams of street art, travel and food.